Virtual NGFW

In a virtual cloud network (VCN), systems that has devices, virtual machines, servers, and data centers are linked and controlled using wireless technology and software. With virtual cloud networking, an organization can expand their network as they see fit, without having to sacrifice efficiency and functionality.

A VCN, is uninhibited by physical location. As long as the various computers, Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices, and endpoints have an internet connection, they can connect with the network. An environment that incorporates a virtual network works by connecting devices and virtual machines, regardless of where they are located, all with the use of software instead of physical wires. A virtual network environment allows for centralized control and a simpler network management system.

Advantages of Using a Virtual Cloud Network (VCN)
  • The elimination of many physical connections and the cabling needed to facilitate them
  • Offers a more centralized control of your network.
  • Greater flexibility when it comes to routing connections and configuring your network
  • Easier scalability


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