Network Security

Ever-increasing demands and interconnectivity has put pressure on network infrastructures. With millions connected worldwide, a security breach may result in catastrophic affects to human health and security.

Network Security is the creation of a secure infrastructure for devices, applications and users aimed at protecting the integrity, confidentiality and accessibility of interconnected devices and data. It refers to the technologies, processes and policies that have been put in place to defend critical network infrastructure and network-accessible assets from cyber-attacks, unauthorized access and data breaches. Network security also highlights the need to monitor and control any form of access – authorized or unauthorized, misuse and any unsolicited modification in the networking system.

Every organization, regardless of its size, requires network security to protect its critical assets, infrastructure and data from an ever-increasing attack surface. The applied network security must be able to protect the various edges of the network and inside the network, with a layered approach. Vulnerabilities occur in various forms, from the devices, the data paths to the applications and users. Organizations should ensure their network security solutions are able to protect the network from a multitude of threats, by ensuring their system prioritizes integration and automation.

Enterprise network security requires an integrated, automated, cloud-ready approach and network security solution that prioritizes protection of the corporate network and its assets and data, and preserving connectivity and an excellent user experience for employees and customers. At minimum, an enterprise network security strategy integrates both hardware and software tools; is inclusive of on-premises, hybrid, and cloud access models; maximizes protection against the widest variety of online threats; governs what enters and exits the corporate network; and manages who has access to what on the network.

Features and Benefits

Technology Differentiation

Fortified Networks’ breadths of products are tightly integrated into one highly automated, high-performing platform that spans endpoint, network, and cloud, and includes tools to easily connect with adjacent technologies.

Business Success with Proven Credibility

Fortified Networks’ superior and industry-leading products and solutions, which include threat intelligence, alongside our customer ratings and independent analyst reports validates and differentiates our offerings.

Long-Term, Sustained Growth

We’re in this together! As you embrace digital transformation for business agility, performance and simplicity, we are keen to deliver unparalleled protection and visibility to your network. Fortified Networks’ provides true integration and automation across an organization’s network infrastructure, delivering unrivalled protection and visibility in every segment, device and appliance.

Key Fortified Network Advantages

Our advanced solutions will do more than just aggregate security events. We offer leading threat protection and high business value.