Network Access

Network access control ensures visibility, control, and automated responses for all devices and systems that are in your network. Visibility involves forming profiles for each device connected to your network. The versatility of any network is enhanced when access is granted to outside products like switches, routers, and access points—without compromising the security and integrity of your IT infrastructure. Network access also defends network systems through responsiveness, by automatically eliminating any threat that appears. A network access system accomplishes this by changing configurations to keep your critical components and data safe.

Network access control (NAC), is the process of restricting unauthorized users and devices from gaining access to a corporate or private network. NAC ensures that only users who are authenticated and devices that are authorized and compliant with security policies can enter the network. NAC provides oversight of all devices in use across the organization, it enhances security while authenticating users and devices the moment they enter the network. The ability to monitor network activity and immediately take action against unauthorized or unusual behavior means that malware threats and other cyberattacks are reduced.


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