Professional Support Services

For any industry to have a strong information security posture, it requires quality IT: a stable application base and IT infrastructure. Adopting new technologies is not a project with a start and a finish. Instead, it is a journey from design and implementation to optimization, operations, and on-going management of the solution. We cover every step of the way, freeing up your resources to focus on your business needs.

Fortified Networks conducts planning, designing, consultation & implementation of various Cyber Security solutions based on industry best practices and designed to address end-to-end solution fulfilment and continue managing them as a part of post-implementation support.

Quality IT at the foundation

Our Technical Support Services ensures companies successfully accomplish their objectives by offering a flexible set of support and operational offerings that meet the needs of any organization, regardless of its size. Our Support Services guarantees multidisciplinary support and a single source for troubleshooting.

Our services, coupled with deployment support, helps organizations achieve security and operational efficiency goals more quickly after deployment and set up the operational team for ongoing success. Organizations that invest in Fortified Networks Support solutions have made the strategic decision to take a holistic, integrated approach to protecting their critical assets while optimizing operational efficiency. But as with any new technology, the way the deployment is planned and executed is critical to the ultimate success of the project.

Provide better experiences
Create meaningful customer interactions through seamless, enhanced digital experiences.

Empower your workforce
Provide your people with the right tools to collaborate, engage, and innovate.

Improve operational efficiency
Seamless operations start with the right network and end with satisfied customers.

Prioritise security
Secure what matters most with industry-leading threat intelligence and advanced cybersecurity solutions.

Maintaining Optimal Security and Efficiencies with Dedicated and Qualified Expertise

Why Partner with Fortified Networks’ Professional Services?
We apply proven world-class solution delivery best practices.

Fortified Networks’ professional services team helps organizations protect their network infrastructure and sensitive information quickly and reliably. Our experts refine requirements, facilitate solution design, define use cases, set up the environment, identify and integrate the full range of data sources, set baselines, and provide go-live support to produce rapid and useful results. We offer strategic advice for program planning, architecture, governance and compliance.

Fortified Networks’ Support Services can be structured in multiple ways to meet the unique needs of any organization regardless of its size. Having the right support plan for an organization’s needs enables the business meet their goals more successfully and optimize the success realized with an existing deployment. We combine best-of-breed delivery practices and expertise to provide high value solutions to our clients. We work with all levels in an organization to ensure their vision and goals are fulfilled with a practical and achievable approach.

Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP)

Our Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) services helps protect businesses from security threats, whether that means providing software and services that keep company data safe or building a network of security experts who can respond to attacks as they happen. We offer monitoring and management, as well as handling system changes, modifications and upgrades. We provide an efficient and cost-effective way to protect your data and network from intrusions while reducing the complexity of the process.

We offer a wide variety of generalized suite of MSSP security capabilities and services, such as continuous security monitoring, vulnerability risk assessment, virtual private network (VPN) threat intelligence and assessments, intrusion management, video surveillance and access control. We offer integrated and automated security tools that cover network security, cloud security, access security, network operations centre (NOC), application security and security operations centre (SOC). Our Dedicated staff members are available to learn the customer’s infrastructure—and its customer base—enabling the most effective and timely support.


Leverage expertise in Fortified Networks’, along with product robustness, complexity and nuances. Fill gaps and augment customer team during periods of skilled manpower shortage or budget constraints.


Allow seasoned experts to expand security team proficiencies with best practices and insights into next-generation solution capabilities.


Build highest level of productivity into risk assessment methodology and analytical frameworks and maximize security analyst workforce productivity.

Cost Savings

Reduce costs and operational overhead with optimized use of solution. Maintain increased flexibility and alignment with project budgeting.


Attain confidence in meeting program schedules and gain prioritized treatment on customer issues and enhancements.